Environmental Contamination

The BC Ministry of Environment commissioned a report to look into the contamination around Clover & Macaulay outfalls. Within weeks of releasing this report Minister Penner required the CRD to plan for sewage treatment.

Posted Aug 8, 2006

Scientific risk assessment

The SETAC Report, an independent expert panel report commissioned by the CRD, closes door on Victoria's raw sewage discharge. SETAC Presentation to the CRD Board shows they are in high risk low cost zone now. The risks are threefold: scientific, community value, and regulatory. Within days of this report being released Minister Penner required the CRD to plan for sewage treatment.

Posted Aug 8, 2006

Pathogen contamination

Environment Canada’s  Wilson Report. was not released until 2006, when it was submitted to the SETAC panel. This 2002 report, very critical of Victoria's raw sewage discharge, was part of the reasoning used by EC to increase the shellfish harvest closure around the outfalls to 60 square kilometers.

Posted April 3, 2006

Liver Lesions found in fish

Liver lesions, an indication of a contaminated environment, are found in fish caught at the Macaulay Point outfall. A well buried CRD funded study identifies the problem.

Posted Oct 8, 2008

Heavy Metal Contamination

Dušan Markovic’s report on Victoria’s Sewage Discharge and Sediment Metal Contamination in Victoria Bight.

Public Forum Documents

The transcript from "Victoria's Sewage: Separating Myth From Fact", the VSA September 26, 2005 public forum: complete fourm Transcript, slides from: Dr. IshiguroS. Salter , D. Markovic Slides , P. Wong's Slides , J. Werring's Slides , and R. Alexander's Slides .

Sewage Panel Response to Newcomb’s critique


Response to Stanwick

Victoria Sewage Alliance's response to Dr. Stanwick's April 11th 2006 letter.

Posted May 30, 2006

Risk vs Treatment Level

Source SETAC 2006

For over 50 years Victorians has been debating the need for treatment. Although science is not always clear, some facts cannot be debated: the raw sewage from a city of 350,000 residents with an additional 3 million visitors per year is pollution. Sending this pollution freely into the environment is a serious environmental concern.

All recent scientific reports raise serious questions about Victoria’s raw sewage discharge. The community is planning to take actions and install sewage treatment.

Victoria Sewage Treatment Alliance

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