Focus articles

· Mr Sinky's last stand

· Mr Floatie under attack

· Paying the price for the sins of our past

Posted July 15 2008

Planning extension

· Province approves delay

· TBuck comments on delay

Posted July 15 2008

TC Editorial

· No turning back on treatment

· CRD Has 45 days to tally costs

Posted Feb 4, 2008

Current Ministers onside Ex not

· Minister Baird wants national standard

· Ex-Minister uses old argument

· Minister Penner defends treatment decision

Posted Nov 16, 2007

CRD Board unanimous

Proposes Secondary or Better Treatment with 10 year Timeline

·  LWMP Amendment # 6

·  Path Forward

 Posted June 13, 2007

Why we don't have a choice about treating sewage

The Times Colonist's Article.

Posted April 11, 2007

BC Gov't Requires Treatment

The BC Government closes door on Victoria's raw sewage discharge. The combination of SETAC and the Ministry of Environments research leaves no room for Victoria's raw sewage discharge.

Posted July 21, 2006



Polls show strong support

CRD residents were recently polled by Ipsos Reid (Nov 06) and Evironic  (Jan 07) both showing strong support for sewage treatment (86% and 89%) and resource recovery(86%).

Posted Feb 16, 2007

CRD Liquid Waste Management Poll Highlights

The CRD conducted a poll in 2004 to gage support for sewage treatment. 71% of respondents thought it a high level priority for the region! An additional 22% thought it a mid level priority.

Posted March 2006


Capture resources in sewage

· Resource from waste study

· Province releases study TC article

 Posted May 21, 2008

· CRD joins study

· Province funds study TC article

 Posted Sept 13, 2007

Journal of Commerce article

· Value in sewage recognized

 Posted July 14, 2008

Resource recovery articles

The Times Colonist's Innovative Solutions article and Waste Not feature are available for download from their website.

Posted Jan 23, 2007



Funding agreement

· Canada BC Framework Agreement

Civic leaders question costs

· TC Article

· RSTV Letter

· Critique

 Posted Nov 5, 2007

Treatment Cost Estimates

This April 2006 analysis shows that cost estimates are high in comparison to other similar treatment plants.

Posted May 2, 2006

Sewage plants to cost $1.2 billion

The Times Colonist's Article.

Posted March, 2007

Funding Support

Premier Gordon Campbell says the province is ready to help fund the Victoria's regional treatment plants.

Posted Nov 1, 2006

Prime Minister Harper ready to help fund regions treatment plants. Letter from the Honourable Gary Lunn confirms federal government ready to share treatment plant costs.

Posted May 30, 2006



Victoria Sewage Treatment Alliance

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