Allied Organizations

 T.Buck Suzuki Environmental Foundation  

 Georgia Strait Alliance


 Sierra Club of Canada (BC Chapter)

 Sierra Legal Defence Petition to the AG

 Surfrider Foundation Victoria Chapter

 CAW Pacific Region Environment Council

 CUPE's Keep Water Public

Funding Sources

 Recent BC Infrastructure Grants

 Federal Infrastructure Fund

 Partnerships BC

 Halifax Sewage Infrastructure Announcement

 St. John's Sewage Infrastructure Announcement


Federal - Environment Canada

 Fisheries Act

 Fisheries Act - Enforcement

 Fisheries Act - Recent Enforcement Actions

 Environmental Protection Act

 Environmental Protection Act - Enforcement

 Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

 National Pollutants Release Inventory (NPRI)

BC - Ministry of Environment

 Municipal Sewage Regulation

 Waste Management Act

 Spill Reporting Regulation

 Municipal Liquid Waste Regulations

 MOE Permit Fee Policy

 Organic Matter Recycling Regulation

 "Speech From the Throne" - See Goal #4

BC - Provincial Health Officer

Regional - Capital Regional District

 CRD Sewer Use Bylaw No. 2922

World Health Organziation

 Sanitation Guidelines

 Water Pollution Guidelines

Australian Workers Health Centre

 Health effects of untreated sewage

Capital Regional District

 CRD Planning for Sewage Treatment

 CRD Sewer Use Bylaw No. 2922

Sewage Reports

 CRD Annual Sewage Reports

 CRD's Liquid Waste Management Plan

 CRD Board Discussion of Treatment, July 13, 2005

CRD Board of Directors

Other Contacts

 BC Union of Municipalities

Traditional Options

 CRD Saanich Peninsula Sewage Treatment Plant

 GVRD Annacis Island Sewage Treatment Plant

 Abbotsford Sewage Treatment Plant

 Nanaimo Sewage Treatment Plant

 Campbell River Sewage Treatment Plant

 Port Alberni Sewage Treatment Plant

 Kelowna Sewage Treatment Plant

 Penticton Sewage Treatment Plant

 Description of Primary & Secondary Treatment

 Clean Oceans

 Links to Canadian & US Treatment Plant Info

 BC Water & Waste Association

 CDN Water & Waste Association

Resource Recovery

 BC Hydro Hartland Landfill Cogen Project

 CRD Hartland Landfill Gas Cogen Project

 CRD Selling Kyoto Credits - Hartland Landfill Gas

 Dockside Project Recovers Resources from Waste

 Nanaimo Selling Power to BC Hydro

 Swedish Bio-fuels for Transportation, Buses

 Swedish Biogas as Transportation Fuel

 European Commission Links to Biofuel Projects

 Australian Biosolids Program

 US DOE Natural Gas-Powered Vehicle Info

 Emerging Technologies

 Farming Power from Sewage

 Fuel Cells Powered by Sewage Treatment Biogas    

 Hydrogen from Y19 Bacteria           

 Penn State Hydrogen Fuel Cell

 Plugging into Sewage Power                            

 Wastewater Powering  Fuel Cells

Current Technologies  

 American Bioenergy Association     

 Anaerobic Bacterium Degrades Dioxins         

 Anaerobic Digestion, Enhanced       

 Anaerobic Treatment Advantages    

 Anaerobic Treatment Theory            

 Australian Anaerobic WWT Plant

 Australian Bioenergy from Sewaqe  

 Australian Bioenergy from Sewaqe  

 Australian Biosolids Program           

 BC Biofleet Project             

 Biodiesel Association of Canada      

 Biodiesel Buses Running in Iowa     

 Biodiesel Process by Ensyn              

 Bioenergy Australia            

 Bio-fuels for Transportation in France            

 Biogas Buses in France      

 Biogas in Finland                

 Biogas in Sweden               

 Biogas Powering Norwegian Buses                

 Canada's First Commercial Biodiesel Plant    

 Canadian Biogas Association           

 Canadian Renewable Fuels Association         

 Cellulose materials to Ethanol by Iogen in Ottawa   

 Composting: International Composting Corporation          

 Dockside Project Recovers Resources from Waste     

 Ecological Wastewater Treatment    

 European Commission Links to Biofuel Projects  

 European Links to Biofuel Projects  

 Fuel Cells Powered by Sewage Biogas           

 Heat Pump Applications Using Municipal Effluent  

 Nanaimo Selling Power to BC Hydro             

 Sludge-to-oil process          

 Sludge-to-oil process          

 Sustainable Development Technology Canada                

 Swedish Bioenergy Association       

 Swedish Bio-fuels for Transportation, Buses 

 Swedish Bio-fuels for Transportation, Buses 

 Swedish Biogas as Transportation Fuel          

 Toronto Request for Expressions of Interest for Waste to Energy                            

 Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactors  

 US DOE Natural Gas-Powered Vehicle Info


Victoria Sewage Treatment Alliance

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