Today, Victoria dumps an average of 82 million litres of raw sewage daily into our world class coastal waters. This pollution harms our oceans, including salmon, shellfish, otters and orcas.  Our community now has the opportunity to create a sewage treatment system that will protect human health and our environment.

We ask you to show your support for a sewage treatment system, giving the gift of clean water to our children and our grandchildren.

Clover Point Raw Sewage Outfall, one of two outfalls, where millions of litres of raw sewage is pumped into our world class coastal waters daily.

Polls show strong support

CRD residents were polled by Ipsos Reid (Nov 2006) and Evironic† (Jan 2007) both showing strong support for sewage treatment (86% and 89%) and resource recovery(86%).

Posted Feb 16, 2007


BC Gov't Requires Treatment

The BC Government asks Victoria to stop the raw sewage discharge. The combination of SETAC and MESL reports, and the Ministry of Environments water column concerns leaves no room for Victoria's raw sewage discharge.

Posted July 21, 2006


Source: CRD 2000-2004 Clover and Macaulay Annual Reports

SETACís independent expert science panel clearly put Victoria in the high risk low cost scenario. As treatment levels increase, total ecological risk goes down.† See the final SETAC Report for more details.

Victoria Sewage Treatment Alliance

Letís get on with it!

$50 Million Gone: McLouighlin Point Waste Water Treatment Plant Officially Dead.

Source: SETAC 2006


VIDEO of sewage sediment pollution in Victoria bight


This video shows the accumulation of sewage sediment on the seabed and marine life at Coghlan Rock, which is 5 km from the Macaulay Point Outfall.  Allan Crow, a commercial fisherman and diver of 35 years, took the video in July 2013.  Over the years, Allan has seen first-hand the accumulation of sewage sediment and decrease in numbers and diversity of marine flora and fauna in many areas of Victoria Bight, an area of water that stretches from Race Rocks to Trial Island.

Letters supporting Treatment

Port Angeles supporting treatment

Engineers supporting treatment

Scientists supporting treatment

Chamber supporting treatment

Local commercial diver supporting treatment

Tourism supporting treatment

Mr Floatie supports treatment

David Suzuki supports treatment

Health Expert supports treatment

Lawyers supporting treatment

Toxins need treatment

Esquimalt to use sewage resources